Facing Federal Drug Charges?

When facing Federal Drug Charges make the correct choice in a your Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.  Call James Esparza for a confidential strategy session on how we can help you or your loved one.

Drug crimes can be charged in either Federal or State Court. Whether the drug crime is charged in Federal Court depends on the unique facts of the case. However, Federal drug charges typically occur when:

  • There is importation of the drugs into the United States.
  • There is interstate transportation of the drugs across state lines, also known as drug trafficking.
  • Using the U.S. Postal Service or other private companies to facilitate the distribution or transportation.
  • Where there is an ongoing criminal enterprise.
  • Where the amount of the substance involved is considered large.
  • Where the drug possession or distribution is committed on federal property.
  • The presence of guns at the time of detention, arrest or observation.
  • Whether the arrest or investigation is led by a federal law enforcement agency and joint federal state drug task force.
  • Whether physical harm occurs to someone during the drug distribution or importation.
  • Even planning in some circumstances can be enough to charge someone with a federal drug charge.

What Are the Differences Between State and Federal Drug Charges?

The primary difference between federal drug charges and state drug charges is the severity of the penalty. Typically, federal drug charges carry severe prison sentences, most likely a mandatory minimum sentence in a federal prison. Thus, the stakes are high if you or your loved one has been charged with a federal drug charge or facing an indictment for a federal offense. In such a situation you need an experience federal criminal defense attorney.

Also, federal criminal investigations are vastly different than state investigations. Law enforcement agencies responsible for the investigations of federal crimes are well funded and are handled by experienced agents with vast resources to use in the investigation.

Federal prosecutors are also well trained with unlimited resources and are part of the largest law firm in the world – the United States Attorney’s Office. Federal prosecutors have a great deal of discretion on how they charge a case. Thus, it is important that once you find out you are the subject of a federal investigation that you act quickly to obtain competent representation.

How to Establish a Defense to a Federal Drug Crime

Initially, selecting an experienced attorney that knows how to defend you or your loved one is the first step. Interview several attorneys and see if the attorney is one that you and your loved one can work with over an extended period. Ask questions!

Our process is a step-by-step approach. First, we want to get involved early, hopefully before you or your loved one is indicted. Second, we want to get prepared for the detention hearing by getting to know you, obtaining employment information, establishing your ties to the community, discussing a property or signature bond with you and your loved ones. We want gathering information about you so that we can speak with the United States Probation Department and assist them in writing a favorable Detention Report. Third, we begin our investigation using your version of facts that led you to be in Federal Court. Fourth, we develop a strategy for what works for you. Once the strategy is developed, we can evaluate what Pretrial Motions we can file to exclude evidence and break apart the government’s case against you. Sometimes despite our best efforts the evidence is overwhelming. When this occurs, your defense team will explore negotiating a plea disposition which results in you getting out of the federal system as soon as possible.

If you need help call our law firm for a confidential review of your case. The consultation is confidential and there is no obligation.

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