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Bicycles offer individuals exercise, enjoyment, and transportation. However, riding a bicycle is risky given the number of cars on the road, tired drivers, speed and distracted drivers. This can lead to serious and often fatal outcomes for Utah cyclists.

Through the first seven months of calendar year 2022 there have been thirty-eight serious injury bicycle accidents and eleven deaths in Utah involving cyclist. This is the highest number of deaths in the past decade according to the Utah Department of Transportation.

When a cyclist is hurt or dies, they are not statistics – it’s an individual and a family.

Experienced Bike Accident Attorney in Salt Lake City

As in all injury cases, a thorough investigation of what occurred is essential for the successfully resolution of a bicycle injury accident in Salt Lake. If you hire us our law firm will immediately start by obtaining the police report, contacting and obtaining witness statements, medical records and other necessary documents. We work with you to develop a vivid and compelling case for settlement, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

No Fault Insurance

In Utah there is no fault auto insurance which can help a bicycle accident victim. However, the coverage is small, and will not typically cover a bicyclist’s medical expenses nor fully compensate an injured bicyclist for lost wages or bodily injuries.

If You or A Loved One Has Been Injured in Bicycle Accident

An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you establish the fault necessary to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. You need competent representation, and we can help.

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Hiring a Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorney at the James Esparza Law Firm can drastically increases your chances of obtaining fair compensation.

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