Personal Injury Claims

With more three decades of trial experience, Utah personal injury attorney, James Esparza is committed to delivering outstanding legal services to individuals in federal and state court.  If you need a Utah personal injury lawyer, with substantial court experience, contact the James Esparza Law Firm for a discussion of your legal rights.

Why Hire Us?

Our practice is limited to serious personal injury claims in Salt Lake City, Utah, including product liability, defective drugs, wrongful death, premises and transportation liability.

All client cases are different. But clients select James Esparza because they want:

  • An experienced attorney managing the details of the case. Because of our experience we know how to manage the disruption that occurs in all cases.
  • A responsive attorney that keeps you informed. We will reply to your call, email or text message as soon as possible.
  • We take you and your case seriously. We limit the number of cases selected so that we can devote the time needed for your case.
  • We work for you. We never forget that you are the reason that our Firm exists.

Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney

For us, the principles of honesty, integrity, and treating others with respect are how are integral to who we are. These principals are a fundamental part of our lives.

When accidents or injuries occur, however, we often find that those responsible or liable do not operate under these same principles. Insurance companies typically deny liability for accidents caused by those who they have insured, and drug companies, medical device manufacturers and chemical companies usually are unwilling to pay for the damages caused by their defective drugs, devices or chemicals.

The simple fact is that insurance companies and drug manufacturers are often willing to pay vast amounts of money to avoid paying money to those they have injured. Honesty, integrity, and similar principles unfortunately do not come into play very often. Instead, these companies operate on a basis that they will make no payout until a case is “proven” beyond a reasonable doubt, which, in practice, usually means that the company will not pay until right before a trial is to start. When it appears highly likely that a jury will award damages against the company.

This is where our firm serves clients. As an attorney in Utah representing the injured for over thirty-six, I know how insurance companies and fortune five hundred companies operate, and the painstaking work that must occur to get compensation for our clients.

Local Presence with National Practice

Our firm represents clients throughout Utah and the United States, and often our clients come to us by other law firms based upon our reputation. We employ strategic relationships with law firms and a vast network of attorneys, and use state-of-the-art technology to create effective settlement brochures, re-create accidents, and to generate computerized video graphics for courtroom and settlement use. Our technology also allows us to track every development in every case and always provide our clients with up-to-the-minute status reports.

Our strategic relationships and technology let us focus on one aspect – you, our client. We never forget that you are the reason that our Firm exists. We provide you with personalized service from the moment you hire us. We work hard to keep you up to date as your case progresses.

The James Esparza Law Firm does not believe in the large volume, impersonal aspect embraced by other personal injury firms. Our firm accepts only the cases in which we believe in. If you call our firm, I will be available to speak with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If I am not available when you call, I will try to call you back later the same day if possible. You will not ever feel like your matter is handed off someone who does not know your name – this is now how we operate.

If you need help with your catastrophic injury case. We are here to help.

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    Personal service is the guiding principle of the James Esparza Law Firm. From the time a client calls we are working hard to create a lasting relationship. We don’t accept cases – we accept clients.

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