Utah Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Indicted for a federal crime? If so, the stakes are high. Utah Federal Criminal Defense Attorney James Esparza is available to help you protect your freedom and future.

When your life hangs in the balance of the criminal justice system, call and speak with Utah Federal Criminal Defense Attorney James Esparza.

Federal prosecutors have unlimited discretion in how they charge a crime because there are thousands of federal regulations and thousands of federal laws that can be used to charge someone with a federal crime.  Many of the offenses are clear but many are vague. This discretion along with biased discovery rules that favor the government, the failure to disclose exculpatory information, which happens all to frequently, and Federal Sentencing Guidelines it may seem hopeless if you indicted with a federal crime.

Charged with a Federal Crime? What Do You Do?

You push back by hiring the best Utah federal criminal defense attorney you can. An attorney such as James Esparza can help you assess and challenge the evidence federal prosecutors have.

When your freedom is at stake call Utah Federal Criminal Defense Attorney James Esparza at 801.272.9100

Utah Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you learn that you are the target of a federal criminal investigation you need to act quickly and seek the services of federal criminal defense attorney James Esparza before you speak to any law enforcement officer, including agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS or US Marshall’s Office. You do not have speak with law enforcement personnel.

Federal Criminal Defense Practice Areas

As a trusted criminal attorney, James Esparza has experience defending clients facing federal criminal charges, including:

  • White collar crimes
  • Drug Pipeline Cases
  • Drug trafficking
  • Rico
  • Federal tax evasion
  • Mail and Wire Fraud.

If you need federal criminal representation for pre-trial matters, such as grand jury subpoenas and pre-indictment representation, we can help you.

Need assistant negotiating reduced charges, plea deals, or federal jury trial, sentencing or post-conviction representation we can help you navigated the federal criminal justice system.

James Esparza represents clients in the United States District Court for the District of Utah and other Federal District Courts.  Complete our online form to set a time for a confidential appointment. In a jam, call 801.272.9100.

Our Philosophy

If you select James Esparza to represent you in a federal criminal case, we start by assessing the facts, piece by piece, detail by detail, conducting an independent investigation, and interviewing witnesses, where possible. You will be advised of each significant development. The goal is to prepare for trial. However, not all cases are suited for trial. When this occurs, we will work to help you obtain the lowest possible sentence focusing on developing and establishing mitigating facts.

Protect your freedom, future and family. Call James Esparza at 801.272.9100 or complete our online form.

Representative Cases

U.S. v. Walker

  • Important constitutional case involving 4th Amendment, unreasonable search and seizure.

U.S. v. Robinson, 39 F.3d 1115 (10th Cir. 1994)

  • Significant failure to disclose exculpatory information and eyewitness identification.

U.S. v. Fabela-Garcia, 753 F. Supp 326

  • Unreasonable search and seizure.

State of Utah v. Identity Withheld

  • Search and seizure issue with charges dismissed after motion to suppress.

State of Utah v. Identity Withheld

  • Robbery charges resulting in dismissal due to challenge to eyewitness identification involving suggestive photo array.

State of Utah v. Identity Withheld

  • Automobile homicide, plea disposition resulting in no prison sentence.

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