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If you or someone you care about were in an accident with a Semi or Tractor Trailer Truck? Schedule a consultation with Salt Lake City truck accident attorney James Esparza.

Truck accidents occur quickly. But the injuries sustained will last a lifetime. Those involved in an accident with a big truck are usually serious injured, including brain, neck, back, burn injuries and death.

If the driver of the Semi or Tractor Trailer was at fault you will find yourself dealing with the truck driver, the trucking company and, of course, the insurance company.

Truck accidents are a unique type of accident for they involve not only knowledge of common theories of liability but also knowledge of federal law and trucking regulations. For instance, one key fact to discover is whether the driver of the truck driver exceeded the number of hours on the road allowed by federal law. This regulation is frequently violated. Yet it is important for highway safety, and it is easy to comply with.

If you or someone you care about is seriously injured in truck accident, contact our firm to protect your legal rights. The cases are complex and require an attorney that will devote time and resources to you. We assist truck accident victims receive full and complete compensation. Call James Esparza at 801-272-9100 or complete our online form.

We have helped individuals and families recover from life altering injuries.

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