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Prescription Drug Lawsuit

Invokana Amputation Victims

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Invokana® Amputation Lawsuit The FDA is requiring new warnings to be added to the diabetic drug Invokana to explain and emphasize the risk of amputations associated with Invokana use.  As…

$150 Million Androgel Verdict – Are Settlements Near?

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Jury Awards $150 Million to Androgel® Victim In the second trial involving Androgel a jury in the Northern District of Illinois awarded Jessee Mitchell $150 million in punitive damages. The…

Invokana Amputation; Heart Attacks

Invokana Black Box Warning – Leg & Foot Amputations

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INVOKANA® BLACK BOX WARNING LEG, TOE & FOOT AMPUTATIONS The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is requiring a black box warning to appear for Invokana® and Invokamet® alerting users and…

Invokana Kidney Injuries – We Can Help

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Invokana® Lawsuit News! A Invokana kidney injury case can proceed according to a federal judge. No preemption exists according to Judge Martin Feldman. The case concerns the plaintiff developing acute…

Talcum Powder Lawsuit News – Baby Powder – Ovarian Cancer

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Talcum Powder Lawsuit News TWO TALCUM POWDER LAWSUITS WERE DISMISSED Talcum Powder Lawsuit filed by two women were dismissed.  The two women blamed Johnson & Johnson talcum powder for their…


Testosterone Lawsuits and Generic Drug Preemption

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Generic Drug Preemption – Good For Consumers? Attorneys involved in pharmaceutical product liability litigation such as Testosterone Lawsuits  have been living with a United States Supreme Court decision in Pliva,…


Androgel Lawsuit Update

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Androgel® Trial News Eight Androgel lawsuits out of approximately 6,000 cases have been selected by Judge Matthew Kennelly in the Androgel® litigation for bellwether trials. The initial bellwether pool of cases…


The Need-To-Know Guide for Patients Undergoing Knee Revision Surgery

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Each year, approximately 700,000 Americans undergo knee replacement surgery. For those who suffer from advanced osteoarthritis and other painful joint diseases, a knee replacement offers a new chance for an…

James Esparza Explains How Your Utah Dangerous Implant Lawsuit Will Proceed

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In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has made incredible progress with drugs and devices that can help people live normal, healthy lives. Chronic pain and seemingly insurmountable medical challenges have…


So, What’s Wrong with Invokana?

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INVOKANA INJURIES The new wonder drug Invokana® was controversial from the inception. The drug was approved in March 2013 by a vote of 10 to 5 of the FDA Endocrinologic…


Rise in Diabetes Medication Litigation

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The James Esparza law Group, through its innovative approach to the law, has been succussfully helping injured people for over 30 years, seek justice and rebuild their lives.The James Esparza…

What You Need to Know About Counterfeit Drugs and Protecting Your Health

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A counterfeit pharmaceutical is any drug that has been made, altered, or inappropriately labeled by an unauthorized source. It is possible for brand name, generic, over-the-counter, and prescription-only drugs to…