The James Esparza Law Firm can help you or your love one rebuild your life after a life altering event!


The James Esparza Law Firm

The James Esparza Law Firm, through its innovative approach to the law, has been successfully helping individuals and families for over 35 years, seek justice and rebuild their lives in Utah. We can help you too!

James Esparza Law Firm

Since 1985, the James Esparza Law Firm has earned a reputation for providing excellent personal service to our clients and their families.  This is done through hard work, attention to detail and unwavering loyalty to our clients.

The firm accepts cases in Utah and all over the United States involving federal criminal defense, prescription drugs, defective products, car accidents, other types of serious personal injury claims.

The James Esparza Law Firm provides professional, competent and effective representation of our clients. Clients turn to us when the stakes are high.

James Esparza Law Firm

The James Esparza Law Firm provides representation designed to the unique needs of our clients. Most of our clients have cases in federal court in Utah, Illinois and other federal district courts.

If you are seeking personal attention to your legal matter call now and schedule a FREE initial consultation to assess your case. We have helped many individuals and families in the most difficult situations. Call 801-272-9100 to speak with one of our team members today. 

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Call us at 801-272-9100 to speak with a lawyer today. The lawyer you select will make a difference.

Other law firms firms in Salt Lake City are eager to push clients to give up substantial rights to resolve a case because the lawyer is looking for a fast-turnover and quick collection of their fees. That’s not how we operate. The James Esparza Law Firm provides each client with an custom case strategy plan focused on our  clients needs.

Attorney James Esparza is a responsive, experienced trial lawyer with a proven track record of success in cases involving federal criminal defense, defective medical devices, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and wrongful death.  He is selective with cases. That means when we’re on board, you can be assured of personal attention and strong commitment to you.

Sometimes complex federal criminal cases and product liability, catastrophic injury, wrongful death claims take years to litigate. In such situation, rest assured, we have the patience and resolve to do it right. James Esparza knows what it takes to win, and he and his firm have every intention of making that happen for each client.

The James Esparza Law Firm understands that whether you or a loved one is facing a federal criminal charge or recovering from a life altering injury that your case is of upmost importance to you. It is for this reason that we limit the number of clients we accept, so that each client receives personal attention.


What you should know

we do not make any promises
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but we will work hard
for you.

Successful clients do the following:

  • Help Us;
  • Follow Our Advice;
  • Tell Us of Changes in Their Lives;
  • Work Side By Side With Us.
  • Trust Us.

innovative & responsive

Call us today at 801-272-9100 to speak with one of our team members today.

What you should know

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We provide each client personal attention and the respect they deserve. We will work hard and do the best we can for you

  • Personal service;
  • Responsive;
  • We will let you know your options;
  • We provide each client personal attention;
  • We work hard for you.

Personal Service
Personal service is the guiding principle of the James Esparza Law Firm. From the time a client calls we are working hard to create a lasting relationship. James Esparza states, “…we don’t accept cases – we accept clients.”

The James Esparza Law Firm is an innovative and creative law firm that employs state-of-the-art technology to support our preparation and our clients.

The James Esparza Law Firm is responsive to our clients. When a client contacts us we respond to your questions. If we don’t know the answer – we will find the answer for our clients.

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime or injured because of the negligence of another or have suffered complications from a defective drug or medical device, the James Esparza Law Firm can help you.