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Baby Powder & Ovarian Cancer

Talcum Powder – Baby Powder – Ovarian Cancer

Johnson & Johnson baby powder linked to ovarian cancer.

In 2006 the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified genital talc powder use as a possible carcinogen to humans. Now a new study demonstrates that women who use talcum powder or baby powder are at a greater risk for developing ovarian cancer than non-users. The study reveals that the risk is 33% higher for users of regular talc as opposed to non-users.

Talc was originally implicated as a possible ovarian cancer risk because of its chemical similarity to asbestos which is known to cause ovarian cancer in certain occupational settings. In baby powder lawsuits, filed against Johnson & Johnson, it is alleged that talc powder fibers travel through the genital track and gain access to the ovaries. It is alleged that Johnson & Johnson have known for years of the heightened risk of ovarian cancer to women who use talcum powder, but that Johnson & Johnson did not warn users about the risk.

In 1893 Johnson & Johnson Baby powder was developed to be used daily to eliminate friction on the skin and to absorb unwanted excess moisture. Since its creation, Baby Powder was marketed to women for daily use to maintain freshness and cleanliness. Women were encouraged to dust themselves to mask odors. Through the years the label for Baby Powder may have changed but the message remained constant: that the product is safe for women to use as well as safe for babies.

As early as 1961 researchers established that particles, similar to talc, could translocate from the exterior genital area to the ovaries in women. A 1971 study suggested an association between talc and ovarian cancer. The study was looked examined ovarian tumors and found talc particles embedded in 10 of 13 tumors.

The products involved are J & J Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. If you or a loved were diagnosed with ovarian cancer while using Johnson & Johnson baby power or Shower to Shower you may have many questions. We can you. Call us 1-800-745-4050.

As an initial matter a claimant must prove that she used Baby Powder or Shower to Shower on a frequent basis. Proving use may be difficult in some cases. However, the testimony of family, close friends and the victim may be enough to establish use of the product.

Once use of the product is established then the pathology of the ovarian tumor will be the next area for focus. What does the pathology state? Is there a presence of talc fibers? If yes, then the claimant may have a case.

Most individuals have heard of J & J’s Baby Powder and the message of it being safe for your baby. Based on this knowledge one can expect that ovarian cancer talc cases will undoubtedly have strong breach of express warranty claims as well as failure to warn.
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